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to bangladeshIf you are looking to head to Bangladesh for a vacation then I seriously suggest that you look into the idea of heading to Sylhet. This beautiful city, the largest in the Sylhet region is packed to the brim with all sorts of Bangladeshi culture. On this page I want to give you a quick idea about what sorts of things you can look forward to if you head to the city.

As you are probably aware already, Bangladesh is a gorgeous country. If you head outside of the towns and cities here you will be greeted by absolutely stunning scenery which seemingly stretches for miles. It is ever so tranquil. This is perhaps one of the main reasons as to why people travel to Bangladesh. I am pleased to say that if you head to Sylhet then you will be located in one of the most stunning areas of the country. Here you will be right in the heart of Surma Valley, which means you will be surrounded by gorgeous tea plantations and fantastic tropical rain forests. There are also plenty of hills and species of wildlife surrounding the location too!

One of my favourite locations around this area is just outside of the city. This is Tamabil-Jaflong which is an outpost. It is around 55km away, but it should be fairly easy to get there. Here you will have fantastic views over some of the most stunning waterfalls in the country, and it is very scenic. Make sure that you pack your camera when you come here!

Kalibari at Jafong is a Kalibari temple. Sadly, it is very rare to see it open nowadays due to a falling amount of Muslims within the area. However, it is certainly a building that you are going to want to see at least once if you go to Bangladesh just for the sheer beauty of it.

The largest tea gardens in the world can be found at Sree Mangal. As you can probably guess, this is a very scenic location. You will even be able to visit a real tea processing unit here! If you love tea then this is a must visit, even just for the lovely smell that washes over the area all of the time.

The final place I wish to mention is the Lawacherra Rain Forest. There are of course plenty of forests surrounding Sylhet, but this is one of my favourites. Plenty of wild animals skulk this area, including leopards, chickens, squirrels, snakes and deer. However, it is one of the best areas to go too if you love birds. They all seem to descend upon this area, and you may catch sight of some of the rarest ones in the world!

This is of course just a small sample of the various things that you can expect if you decide to go and tour Bangladesh in Sylhet. It really is a wonderful place to visit, and as I mentioned previously, if you are going to go to Bangladesh it needs to be one of your ‘must visit’ locations. It really is that great.


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