Top 5 Websites in Bangladesh

Lets take a look at the most used websites in Bangladesh

They don’t call it the worldwide web for nothing lets check the best Websites in Bangladesh… Access to the Internet and the web is a truly global phenomenon the, allowing people who are thousands of miles apart to communicate at the click of a button, organisations to do business across multiple continents without the need for a physical base, provide us with up to the minute news and experience different cultures. The web’s reach has truly escaped no one, Bangladesh included.

Like many developed and developing countries, Bangladesh has seen a significant growth in the use of the Internet and worldwide web. This of course leads to competition amongst websites to become the front-runner in terms of user statistics and popularity.

Let us explore some of the best websites in Bangladesh today…


facebookWith over 4 million active users in Bangladesh, it is not surprising ranked Facebook number one. Although there has been some controversy around the use of Facebook in Bangladesh, it has also wielded some incredibly positive benefits.

The social media site allows us to share comments, pictures and videos with our friends and family revolutionising the way we are able to communicate with them. This is particularly beneficial to those of us who have family members living in different countries or perhaps children who are studying at University, Facebook helps us to make sure our family and friends are never truly too far away.


yahooYahoo is one of the worldwide web’s real powerhouses – unlike many other websites whose existence is rather short-lived; Yahoo, which was founded in 1994, has stood the test of time making them a household name not only for the people of Bangladesh, but the world!

With its plethora of services it offers something to people of all ages. Establishing themselves as a leader in Web Search, E-mail, Journalism and News Reporting to name but a few, it’s almost impossible to overlook the benefits Yahoo has brought to Bangladesh and the world.


bdnews24For those of you who are active internet users, will most certainly be a familiar name, launched almost a decade ago it was Bangladesh’s first online news site.

Over the course of the last ten years it has established itself as a leader in journalism and news reporting, allowing the people of Bangladesh access to up to date news both nationally and internationally.

However they do not stop there… Their classified page has provided hundreds of thousands the people access to over 1 million classified ads cleverly compiled from 28 of Bangladesh’s classified websites, undoubtedly making the search for a new car, home or job a breeze.


bdjobsAnyone who has ever searched for a job in Bangladesh will have come across; firmly holding rank at number 14 on it is clear that really is the largest job site in Bangladesh.

The site offers vacancy listings for job seekers to search and apply themselves along with resume advice and career counselling, but also the opportunity for job seekers to upload their resumes for potential employers to view.

I’m sure I do not need to advocate the benefits of sites such as, many of you out there will have them to thank for finding your current job, they have a positive impact on the jobs market and in turn the economy which benefits everyone. one of the best Websites in Bangladesh.


oDeskThe final site to make out list may be unfamiliar to many of you, however to others it is a proverbial gold mine. oDesk is an online platform where independent workers, freelancers and businesses can connect, collaborate and work remotely with one another. Almost anyone can take advantage of the benefits oDesk offers…

For workers all you need to get started is a marketable skill that can be performed ‘virtually’ or ‘remotely’ – skills such as content writing, graphic design and search engine optimization or even sales and customer service. For many people in Bangladesh oDesk has quickly become their primary source of income. It has allowed them to find work, market their skills and grow businesses from the comfort of their own homes.

The benefits to business owners are also great… oDesk allows businesses the opportunity to employ and engage specialist workers without having to go through the arduous process of face to face interviews or finding larger premises to accommodate their new team. They can simply build a flexible virtual workforce.

So that wraps up our list, the above are just a handful of the best sites in Bangladesh and we are sure there are hundreds more. Let us know your thoughts and your favourite Websites in Bangladesh…


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