Top 10 WordPress adsense Plugins

If you live in Bangladesh and wish to get into the internet marketing game, then sadly you have very few options available to you when it comes to monetisation of your website. In my opinion, the best and most stable way to bring in income through your site is through AdSense. If you have WordPress installed then you will find adding your AdSense adverts to your website is a breeze. All you need to do is install one of these plugins and you are ready to go. All of these can be installed from within Bangladesh.

  1. Quick AdSense: This plugin is designed for those that want a lot of control over their advert placement. You have a lot of options available to you here. You will be able to change everything in this widget from the size of the advert, to the colours and even hide adverts for certain user groups. You will even be able to see which ad positions are performing the best for you!
  2. Google AdSense Plugin: For the most part this functions pretty much the same as the previously mentioned piece of software. It is a bit simpler to use though. Choose whatever you feel is best as they both do the same job anyway.
  3. AdSense Now!: This in my opinion is one of the best plugins for those just getting started with AdSense. You don’t have a lot of options at your disposal. Then again, you really don’t need to. It really is a case of just pressing a couple of buttons and you will end up with a plugin that actually works!
  4. AdSense Extreme: With this plugin there are various controls in place which should hopefully stop you getting banned from AdSense. Again, this is a recommended plugin if you are just getting started in the internet marketing game.
  5. WP Simple AdSense Insertion: This plugin allows you to insert your AdSense code directly into your blog posts and sidebars by way of short codes. It is simple to use, but it is not something that I would recommend for a beginner.
  6. Easy Ads is great if you are looking to run adverts other than Google AdSense in Bangladesh. Whilst AdSense is at the heart of the software, you can also run adverts from BidVertiser, Clicksor and many more. It is incredibly useful and VERY flexible.
  7. Ad Injection: This is an incredibly powerful piece of software, but dreadfully simple to use. This should be your first stop if you are just getting started in AdSense.
  8. AdSense Extreme: I love this plugin! It is designed for the experts, but beginners can use it too. You don’t even need to generate code from AdSense, just plug in your pub-id and channel name and you are ready to go. Lots of customization options at your disposal here.
  9. Ad Inserter: This piece of software allows you to automatically insert the code from any advertising network including Google AdSense.
  10. Easy Advertisement Insert: Again, allows you to insert code from a number of different advertising networks, but you get a GREAT deal amount of control over the placement of the adverts which is of course very useful.

This is of course just a small selection of the various WordPress plugins for AdSense available to you if you live in Bangladesh. Try out one or two of them, I am sure you will find something that is absolutely perfect for your needs!



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