SylhetSylhet is accepted in Bengal as the “City of Saints”.

Sylhet is home to the musolmans and mosques of Shah Jalal and Shah Paran, Bangladesh a lot of admired Sufi saints.

Every year, the city-limits receives hundreds and bags of pilgrims to the Dargahs of Shah Jalal and Shah Paran, earning a acceptability as the “spiritual basic of Bangladesh”

Sylhet is aswell acclaimed for its accustomed setting, amidst rainforests, waterfalls, hills and river valleys.

The Sylhet Basin is formed by a beautiful, ambagious brace of rivers called the Surma and the Kushiara both of which are fed by innumerable acropolis streams from the arctic and the south.

The basin has acceptable amount of haors which are big accustomed depressions. During winter, these haors are all-inclusive stretches of blooming land, but in the backing division they about-face into agitated seas.

These haors accommodate a altar to the millions of afoot birds who fly from Siberia beyond the Himalayas to abstain the astringent algid there.

Sylhet had developed a audible Bengali cultural identity. This includes the audible Sylheti Bengali accent and Sylheti cuisine,Sylhet as able-bodied as Sylheti abstruse culture, which celebrates adoration and pluralism in Bengal.

Rabindranath Tagore, the abundant Bengali artist and age-old Asian Nobel laureate, took amazing afflatus from these traditions, decidedly from the balladry and songs of Hason Raja.

An absorbing affection of Sylhet arena is the age-old tribes such as the Tipperas, the Monipuris, Khasis and Garos who still reside in their archaic means in the hills, practising their age-old rites, rituals, association and traditions.

During festivals such as, Rash Leela (Full-moon night in February) and Doljatra, the adorable adolescent girls dressed in bright robes, ball with the macho associates of their best & love.

The Monipuris accomplish their acclaimed dance, based on emblematic adulation capacity of the age-old mythology.

Eat and Drink

Located in the affection of Bangladesh tea country, Sylhet is a hub of the tea industry. Many Sylhetis accept emigrated away over the years, and the city-limits receives some of the accomplished anniversary remittance inflows in Bangladesh, decidedly from the British Bangladeshi community.



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