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In North-Eastern Bangladesh lies one of the countries most prosperous cities: Sylhet. The region is often described as being one of the most enriched areas in the whole of the South Asian country. Those looking to make money in Bangladesh often travel to Sylhet, home of some of the richest people in Bangladesh.

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The area has a large reserve of natural gas and the only oil field in the whole country is located here. When looking through the Sylhet directory, it’s clear to see just how many big businesses are making use of these natural reserves to turn themselves and their companies into very rich people. The area is also full of many other natural resources.

There have been vast deposits of limestone, large amounts of pleat, supplies of glass-sand, and hard-rock, found in Sylhet. It offers a wealth of natural recourses which are used to boost the economy in Bangladesh. Many parts of the country are dependent on the money Sylhet brings to people. Because of the cheap flights to Sylhet, many Bangladeshis make their fortunes then emigrate. Some of the richest people in Bangladesh have all made their money doing what the rich people of Sylhet are doing now. There is also the option there to create online money.

Many Bangladeshi’s in the area are very business minded, they discover ways to make their money on the internet, rather than by using the regions local employment. Some very popular websites that you may find online are run by citizens of the region. It’s very possible to earn a living through owning a webpage, and marketing it around the internet, making money off of advertising, Adsense, or affiliate sales. If making money online is something you’d like to do in Sylhet, it’s simple to get started. All that’s needed is a domain name, some content for your website, and a way to maximize revenue. Finding a product or service that will give you a percentage for each sale is something many people do to get an income from their site. Another way is through advertising. Selling advertising space or advertising using Adsense is a quick and easy to way to make money for some very savvy Bangladeshi’s. Offline there are ways of making money too.
In the Sylhet directory are many big companies located in the region that it’s possible to get jobs for. In the petroleum industry is Chevron, one of the largest producers of natural gas in the country. They supply 50% of the countries natural gas consumption, and constantly hire workers who they feel will add to their huge multinational company. Banking is another industry that is big in not just Sylhet but most of Bangladesh. Banks like HSBC provide locals with a great way to get started with a career in banking. The bank also has branches across the world, and usually lists the possibility of travelling as one of the benefits of working for them. All in all, you have many money-making options in Sylhet.

You can choose to invest in companies selling natural resources if you already have a little money. This can be very profitable. You can also choose to work for yourself by using the internet as your workplace to meet billions of potential customers across the globe. There is also the option for locals to make money by working for some of the regions biggest companies like banking firms, oil firms or mining firms. For those who are sharp thinkers, Sylhet provides a person with all they need to make themselves financially stable.

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    Thanks for a good article about Sylhet. I think Sylhet is a rich division of Bangladesh. It has not only the natural gases and oils but also I have seen one of two member in each family lives in the United Kingdom.
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