St Martin Island

St Martin Island is that the solely coral island and also the most well-liked island with the tourists in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. it’s a coral Island wherever you’ll realize live corals of various shapes and sizes. It’s solely thirty Km: from Teknaf and you’ll be able to go there by native boat, traveler boats or ocean truck. Kaire Sindbad, Eagle and also the ocean truck of BIWTC area unit few to call.

The beaches in St Martin Island area unit fringed with coconut palms and endowed bountiful marine lives. it’s potential to steer round the island in an exceedingly day as a result of it measures solely eight sq. kilometre shrinking to regarding five sq km: (2 sq mi) throughout high water. Most of island’s 5500 inhabitants live totally on fishing. Tourists get pleasure from the clear water with marine creatures within the water. plenty of tortoises lay eggs in St Marin island.

In this Island, you’ll realize the gorgeous reef and clear water and plenty of coconut trees. The native name of St Martin Island is Narikel Gingira. it’s a Bangla word. Narikel suggests that coconut and Gingira suggests that resting place. The residents of St. Martin area unit terribly hospitable and easy minded.

St Martins Island

Cheera-dwip may be a part of St Martins Island however it’s divided throughout tides. you’ll be able to visit Cheera-dwip by walking. it’s regarding 2 and a 0.5 hours hiking from St Martins Island otherwise you will go there additionally by native boat or traveller boat. therein Island you’ll realize corals – living and dead everywhere the island. tiny bushes area unit there that area unit the sole the leafage of Cheera-dwip, enhancing the sweetness of this island. individuals don’t board this Island, thus it’s recommended for the tourists to travel there early and are available back by afternoon.

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