Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 Bangladesh Review

Review of Samsung Galaxy Edge s7

Samsung Galaxy Edge S7The Samsung Galaxy S6 was a global success. It received all manner of accolades for its sleek design and fantastic performance. As a result, making the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 must have been hell for Samsung. They had to ensure that the design and performance of the Samsung Galaxy S7 was on par with the previous model, but they also had to make it far better. Ask anybody who owns a Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 in Bangladesh will tell you, Samsung have certainly accomplished that.

First things first, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 is ever so slightly bigger than its predecessor. However, holding it in your hand, the whole phone doesn’t feel that much bigger. It is still going to fit comfortably in your pocket. In fact, holding this phone in your hand is far more comfortable than the S6. It has a slightly curved back, and it feels great.

In terms of performance, Samsung in Bangladesh have opted to put a Exynos 8890 octa-core CPU inside the phone. Every other location in the world, bar America, uses this. The chip in this phone actually performs better than the America equivalent. There is enough speed and performance here to ruin anything you find on the Google Play store with ease. There will be no stuttering. This is despite Samsung having made a few key changes to the Android operating system which, in my opinion, are for the better.

The screen is beautiful. It boasts a resolution of 2560 x 1440. It is one of the best screens on a smartphone right now. Anything you look at on the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7screen will be crystal clear. As the name of the phone suggests, it is a curved screen. Sure, it is nothing new on a smartphone right now, but it is a technology that Samsung pioneered.

One of the more unique elements of this phone is the ‘always on’ display. The screen does not have a ‘dark mode’. It is always on. There will always be a clock on the screen. It is a touch confusing at first (wondering why your screen is on), but as soon as you get used to it, it becomes a pretty valuable feature.

One of the things I love about the Samsung Galaxy line of products is the fact that they are water-resistant. You could quite easily drop this phone in the bath (or in the toilet), whip it out, give it a quick dry and it will work just fine. If the charging port is too wet, as a safety measure the phone will prevent it from charging. It is quite nifty.

To cap it off, the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 boasts one of the best batteries ever seen in a Samsung mobile device. Any owner of a Samsung in Bangladesh will tell you that, despite being brilliant phones, the Samsung Galaxy range of products has always had an abysmal battery life. Not this one. The battery performance is phenomenal. You are going to love it.

Altogether, this is a particularly brilliant phone and is worth each and every penny you spend on it. Look for the Samsung S7 Galaxy in Bangladesh today.


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