The Rich in Bangladesh

rich bangladeshOver 150,000,000 people live in Bangladesh. It’s one of the worlds most populated countries. Some of the most common jobs in the country include farming, working in transportation, and driving taxi’s. Even though there are people in some parts of Bangladesh that are very poor, there is also a rich Bangladesh that is highly worth knowing so to give you a more balanced impression.

In rich Bangladesh, many people live or have lived with fortunes of over $1billion or more. These people became wealthy through exceeding in business, politics and even investments. One of Bangladesh’s most richest men before his death was Abul Kashem. Abul Kashem was a political leader, an author and a teacher. He topped many rich lists in the country, with a fortune of over $1.5 billion. Kashem sadly died in 1991 at the age of 71, in Dhaka. Although the official figures vary, he was considered the richest man in Bangladesh for a very long time. One of the richest people in the country currently alive today is Moosa bin Shamsher. Shamsher made his money through business and being an entrepreneur. He’s the current CEO of the DACTO group and is sometimes referred to as being the countries Bill Gates. He’s worth an estimated $12.5billion and is quite the celebrity in Bangladesh. Shamsher is a business tycoon and credited for bringing the Manpower power export industry to the people. He’s the face of a very rich Bangladesh, and is an inspiration to many working people who want to make their fortune and strike it big.

Recently a man worth $500million passed away in the region. Sayeed Iskander was a politician and ex army major. He died two years ago in a New York Hospital. He had been suffering from lung cancer before he passed away in the USA. Sayeed made some of his money by founding Islamic Television, and some more of his money using the help of his powerful political family.

One of the most respected men in Bangladesh alive right now is Tarique Rahman. Tarique is the current vice chairman of the Bangladesh National Party. He is 46 years old, and was educated at the university of Dhaka. He currently has thousands of friends and likes on Facebook, which is full of people trying to learn about him, and understand what made him so rich and helped him find success. Tarique has held speeches in many famous cities such as London and New York. He does talks on politics at universities and even business.

Another very rich man in Bangladesh who is still living is Sajeeb Wazeb Joy. Sajeeb was educated in Indian and in America, but eventually came back to Bangladesh to join the Awami League. He comes
from a very wealthy family who are also involved in politics. Sajeeb Wazeb Joy is currently worth around $1 billion and is believed to be the third richest man alive in Bangladesh.
Sajeeb is 41 years old, and won an honour from the World Economic Forum given to him for being an exceptional Young Global Leader.

Other rich men in the country include Syed Abul Hossain, who made his billions through attracting foreign investment into Bangladesh, as well as making money in politics.
Ahmed Akbar Sobhan is around 5th on the list of richest people in Bangladesh. He represents a very rich Bangladesh culture where people around him are both powerful and wealthy. He’s currently worth around $500million and owns real estate and gas companies.
Although Bangladesh is sometimes thought of as being poor, it also includes some very rich people as seen in this article. Many people working in politics, business and investing have gone on to become very rich, and very famous.


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