Resorts in Bangladesh

Resorts in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a great and wonderful tourist spot and has great value as a vacationer’s getaway. Holiday resorts in Bangladesh are highly recommended. Bangladesh has many tourist spots such as, historical monuments and wonderful architecture, beaches and picnic spots. Of all the places in Bangladesh, the second largest city and the main port city of Bangladesh, Chittagong, has some of the best tourist spots and holiday resorts. Beaches and tides add a wonderful feel to the holiday resorts present there. St. Martins Island is a preferred vacationer’s getaway spot in Bangladesh.

St martins islandSt.Martin’s island also comes to mind when mentioning primary tourist spots and holiday resorts. It belongs to the region of Chittagong and is 10km in distance from the land. It is a peaceful and clean place to hang out in and is filled with coconut palms that bring the silence in hearts and minds. There are more than 7000 people living in this island and their main source of work is fishing. It has a surface area of 8 and the tourists can walk around the island and can get the real meaning to the nature and witness the beauty and cherish it for a lifetime.

Chittagong is home to many luxurious hotels some of them are the Hotel ChittagongAgrabad, the Hotel Well Park Residence, The Peninsula Chittagong, the Hotel Harbor View, the Hotel Meridian, Avenue Hotels and Suites, and many more.

Bangladesh boasts the largest natural sandy beach stretching for over 120 kms, making it the perfect spot for a holiday resort. The high end holiday resorts in Bangladesh are very accommodating and luxurious some of them equipped with swimming pools and tennis courts and offer you nothing but the finest Bangladeshi cuisine to sate your appetite. Chittagong being the largest port city in Bangladesh also has many fishing spots for you spend your time at while you enjoy your visit at the resorts. With over 154.7 million people living in, the country is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. It is expected that Bangladesh will be the largest readymade garments manufacturer in the world by 2016.

Apart from Chittagong, Dhaka, sylhhet city, Rajshahi, and many other places also have and wonderful hotels and resorts for you to spend your time at. The facilities in most of these luxurious places include the most high end suites, gyms, spas and business centres. Booking can be done online instead of involving tedious last minute procedures.

Holiday resorts in Bangladesh come highly recommended as they are situated near some of the most captivating sightseeing spots. It wouldn’t take more than a 10 minute drive from your current destination to most of these sightseeing spots, museums, parks and other places for your entertainment. Resorts near the beach in Chittagong also offer a pleasant view and also add emphasis to the sights and sounds of the sea, giving them a unique feel and adding to the breath taking overall feeling of being near one of the largest natural sandy beaches on the globe.

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  • I visited your site. When we are travelling to different places of Bangladesh this information is helpful for us.

  • Hello, dear, thanks for sharing this informative article with everyone. We know Bangladesh is one of the best tourist places in the world. Cox’s bazar, St. Martine, Sylhet, Dhaka are famous the best tourist place. There have Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach which is the largest beach in the world. St, Martin is famous for its wonderful Rocky Island, Jaflong is one of the best natural tourist spots in the Division of Sylhet. And many other beautiful places.

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