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YouTube gets people millions of money through their vlogs, and it is also an interesting way to express and expose to the world. Plenty of people go online and start their vlogs, but only a few of them make huge money. Here we are to tell you about Mo, his vlogs and how he made it to the millions!

Mo is one of the youngest YouTube vloggers from Dubai. He had an estimated net worth of £ 15,620,000,00 in the previous year, and he earned it all from his YouTube channel. Mo attracts millions of views by featuring expensive supercars through his vlogs. As he lives in Dubai and majority of people can afford expensive cars, he gets access to do what he needs to!

Mo also vlogs is daily adventures associated with his friends and families, doing activities in Dubai. He has filmed inside Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the globe. He has also filmed in Floating Seahorse Villas, Dubai Mall, Wild Wadi, Ski Dubai, and more. The very initial videos of his vlogging life were done in London, as that’s where he grew up. The channel got recognition once he shifted to Dubai in 2015.

About Mo

Mo is a 22-year-old young lad who saw success with something he loved doing – making car videos! He had launched his vlog in 2013 and had high hopes from his very first venture that he named ‘My first Vlog’! He has been flying to and fro from London to Dubai ever since he was a kid, and that’s how his journey enfolds.


Lana Rose – Mo Vlogs Sister

Mo’s videos are all about exotics cars and he also runs a gaming channel associated with Twitch account, with name HitspecK0. His vlogs often accompany his sister Lana Rose, and she too owns a YouTube channel with name lanarose786.

Mo primarily focuses on his vlogs and has unleashed various expensive sports cars. He is often linked with Aleem Iqbal (another YouTuber) who features in his car videos. Some cool cars you’d want to see in his videos are from Lamborghini, Pagani Huayra, and more. His video of the McLaren 675LT was quite hyped and watched.

Mo’s videos are for the petrol-heads and car freaks. He has had some extremely powerful cars exposed with engines like V8 and V12. Dubai is definitely a pleasant place where he can easily get his vlogs made. You should also check out his videos about Printed Cash to get some more of his entertainment!

About YouTube Earnings

Any YouTuber is paid about £ 1.50 to £4 per 1000 monetized views after the costs cut by YouTube. The views that can be monetized are about 40% – 60% of the total number. However, these things are influenced by devices used for playing the video, location of the viewer, advertising inventory, topic, season, numbers of ads played, watched time for ads, ad engagements, and more.

Mo’s Subscriptions and Earnings

Mo now has over 3.3 million subscribers in his vlog and gets an average of 7,000 subscriptions every day! He has over 700 videos since he started in 2014 and his channel earns about 1.8 millions views every day. Approximately, he makes £ 2,108 within 24 hours and gets about £ 78,900 from advertisements.

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