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SylhetIn Bangladesh lies a place right in the heart of the tea manufacturing industry called Sylhet. Sylhet is a major urban city located in the North-Eastern part of the country. It’s home to 2,500,00 people, making it the 3rd biggest city in Bangladesh.

Sylhet is a wealthy part of the country, and has the reputation of being a wealthy city, compared to most. There are opportunities to make money, do business and trade commodities in order to become richer. There is also a wealth of beauty in the area, and an array of things to do, and ways to entertain yourself.

Those who live in Bangladesh Sylhet can tell you all about the beautiful scenery such as rain forests, waterfalls, hills and greenery and warm weather. It’s one of the most picturesque places to live anywhere in South Asia. There are lots of tea fields where people pick tea, which are full of green and colour, as well as peaceful aromas. Sylhet is known as a rich city because it is the centre of the countries gas and oil divisions. Sylhet makes some of Bangladesh’s richest people, who manage to make their money by creating large businesses there selling resources.

The city has two major landmarks: The Kean bridge, and Al Amjhads clock. They’re two of the most famous landmarks to see within Sylhet. Many people have moved to the United Kingdom and travel back regularly to invest in the city, partly due to The cheap flights to Sylhet. There is US investment in it too, including investment in banking.
Sylhet is smaller than the capital city of Bangladesh, but construction there is booming. Many jobs are being created there, and many new things being built too. Many are making their money in Sylhet, making it an attractive city for businessmen. The wealth of the city means it has many luxurious features such as luxury apartments, complex shopping centres like those seen in the UK and the US, and many entertainment complexes such as Cinemas and gyms. Many of the shopping centres are based on similar ones in London, making the city feel quite glamorous, and entertaining for young people, people with money, and people who like to have fun.

There’s plenty to do in the city including eating at restaurants, going out to cinemas, shopping and visiting hotels. It’s possible to find many confectionery stores in the Bondor Bazar, as well cosmetics, hand made crafts, and textiles. Sylhet also has a wide range of restaurants in the city. For example the Hamadan restaurant provides authentic Chinese food, and the Agra restaurant has a very good menu for Thai cuisine. Many middle class people from Bangladesh enjoy socialising and eating out around the city, as well as shopping at one of the many malls. It has a very modern feel about it, and has many European traits. Some shops are even designed with English specifications at mind. bondor bazar

Certain fast food chains have also based their menu on British ideas. Food in Sylhet is like food in most of Bangladesh. Rice with meats or chicken in a curry are very popular dishes not only in there but all over. Bangladesh has some of the world most famous food dishes, and Sylhet is no different.

Lots of Bangladesh’s energy supplies are in Sylhet, meaning it has a huge role in keeping the country stable. Around 85% of the cities population are Muslim, whilst 15% are Hindu. Although religion is becoming slightly more relaxed, there are many mosques and places to worship all across the city, and 60% of people say they pray daily. Famous English places like the East End, and Brick Lane, have large populations of people from Bagladesh, Sylhet.

The area has influenced large parts of the country. Many have also emigrated to New York after making their money, with many also going to live in Michigan. It’s common for people who emigrate to come back to the city for business, or to see family, with lots of investment in the cities infrastructure coming from overseas Bangladeshis.
It’s one of the most fun places to live in the country, and provides lots of entertainment and things to do. It also provides many people with a chance to start a business, or invest in a successful program.

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