Highest Paid Actors in the World

In theses days of high-consumer-demand entertainment, the acting profession is taking it as an opportunity for big earning potential. The result has been that although there are many highly talented artists among the highest paid actors, are they, in reality, worth what they are being paid?

In this respect, the answer will depend upon whom you ask because a big name can provide the motivation for large audiences to watch a film.  Again, the question must be asked as to whether this is sufficient to justify the huge amounts of money paid to the highest paid actors? With this in mind, the following is a summary of those considered as being the most overpaid actors in the past year. The ratings have been determined by the last three films in which each actor has played a leading role, but does not include animated film recordings.

Julia Roberts the leading lady

The only female actor in this summary among the highest paid actors, Julia Roberts is paid less than her male counterparts on this particular list. She provides a return to her studio of $10.80 for every $1 she receives from them. However, this figure is subject to revision, following relatively poor box office returns for the films, “Money Monster” and “Mother’s Day,” which reduced her average.

Bradley Cooper in overdrive appearances

Although some of the films in which highest paid actors such as Bradley Cooper appear do not show good box office returns, it does seem in his case that he makes many screen appearances. An example of his performances is shown by the film “Joy” which suffered a mediocre box office return of $101 million, for a $60 million budget. However, “Aloha” was a suitable title for a film that did not even achieve its budgeted cost. Apart from this, in general, Mr. Cooper is listed among the highest paid actors because he generates $12.10 for the studio, for every $1 he receives.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his paycheck

Among the highest paid actors is Leonardo DiCaprio and his film, “The Revenant” gave this actor an Oscar and $20 million. In addition, the film made a box office return of $533 million on a budget of $135 million, all of which shows that DiCaprio should be listed among the highest paid actors.   However, this is not the issue with this actor, or that his films do not perform well at the box office. The question revolves around his enormous paycheck, which gives him an overall return of $9.90 for every $1 he is paid, a factor that negatively affects his returns generally.

Mark Wahlberg in the balance

Still, among the highest paid actors Mark is still suffering the economic effects of his film, “The Gambler” which just about returned its $25 million budget! Although his more recent film “Daddy’s Home” turned into a big hit, this actor needs another one to keep him in lists such as this one. His returns ratio is $9, 20 for every $1 paid to him, which raises the issue of actors being overpaid!

Adam Sandler and listed as missing

Mr. Sandler could in the future be missing from lists that contain references to overpaid or highest paid actors.  The actor has reportedly made a deal with Netflix, the streaming service, whereby he will make 4 films for them.

He appears on this particular list only because of his involvement in “Pixels” “Blended” and “Grown-Ups 2.” Adam Sandler is credited with a return of $7.60 on each $1 he is paid.

George Clooney and Critical Acclaim

George is one of the highest paid actors on the screen and although he received cortical acclaim for “Hail Caesar” it did not bring him box office success! Mr. Clooney is mentioned in this list, primarily by way of “Tomorrrowland.”  However, it’s a film that had difficulty recouping its fat $190 million budget.

In his role as one of the highest paid actors, George Clooney provides a return for every $1 he receives of $6. 70. The question again; is this another case of bloated paychecks?

Will Ferrell and a lucky landing

Will Ferrell is listed among the highest paid actors by way of his mediocre success with the film “Zoolander.” This screening effort returned a box office take of $56 million, but the punch line is that the budget was $50 million.

For every $1 Will is making, he is making a return of $6.50, which is not exactly setting the film world on fire!

Channing Tatum and a descending film

Although Channing Tatum is mentioned in this highest paid actors list, and “Magic Mike XXL” performed well enough at the box office, he is in various ways, still suffering the effects of a gigantic flop film called “Jupiter Ascending.” In his case, this was more like a fast “Channing Tatum Descending.”

To keep the records straight; Mr. Tatum provides a return of $5 for every $1 he receives. Is he overpaid do you think?

Will Smith and his “Concussion”

One of the highest paid actors is Will Smith, who must have thought he had a concussion when his film of the same name performed so poorly at the box office! Add this to the fact that it did not receive any award nominations and just made back its budget of $34 million. On that score, there does seem to be something out of place. Because for every $1 Will makes, his return is only$5? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Johnny Depp through the looking glass

Perhaps this highly talented and one of the highest paid actors should be the one in the looking glass!  The film “Alice through the Looking Glass” was a box office failure and unfortunately for Johnny, only one of several he has experienced.

Johnny Depp has the talent and was at one time an extremely marketable actor. However, with a return of only $2.80 for each $1 he receives, he has earned the title of possibly not only heading the highest paid actors but also the most overpaid! Look out Johnny; or, you could be joining Alice on the other side of that glass!


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