Online dating in Bangladesh

Online dating has become increasingly popular all across the globe. Not only do the progressive countries swear by it, but also have acceptances in slightly regressive parts of the world. From popular websites like Tinder and Badoo, to having national dating websites, every country is accepting these. If you’re thinking that online dating in Bangladesh is still uncommon, you are completely wrong! In this article, we will list you with the top Bangladesh dating websites to break the myth.

Top dating websites in Bangladesh


LoveHabibi is the best place for Bengali dating from any part of the globe. It is a free website which lets you browse through innumerable people you could chat with. Simply click on ‘signup to LoveHabibi’ and make your account!

Singles Around Me

This dating website is common worldwide and you can redirect to the Bangladesh page from the link above. As the name suggests, you will get to find all singles around your geographical zone. Their app is available on both iOs and android, for easier mechanism!

First Met

First Met is one of the most used Bangladesh dating websites, where you get to search from over 25 million people! It is an interactive and fun way to connect to mature adults in the country. One attractive part of this website is that they have dating categories like, Muslim singles, Christian singles, Divorced singles, and more. It lets you get to your desired person is lesser time!


Badoo is one of the most popular dating apps and is used worldwide. Unlike most apps, you’d have to pay for using this one. However, they have a lot of fun and games to keep you hooked on to the app. As you redirect to the website, you can see how many people are using it already – that could be enough to tempt you to join!

Match Maker

This is one of the progressive dating websites which lets you not only choose partners, but also have categories for the LGBT group. This shows that we are all widening our perspective and embracing change. Sign in to fill up for basic details and find a match!

One Love Net

This shows us that dating in Bangladesh is gaining importance as they let you express your dating desires – from wanting to hook up to finding your ‘one love’, the website will exhibit what you want and who you want.

Top Face

This website gives you an insight on how many people are already using this in Bangladesh, and is sure to leave you stunned! There is an easy way to select your city and get matches around you. Select your city and see who all have profiles from there.

Mingle 2

This website will open up to a page to let you fill in your details and join the dating site. You could also scroll below and see the people who have their profiles and a little introduction about them.

Dating Talk

This website lets you find matches according to zodiac sign, and that is surely quite different from what we usually get! Find how many people are online and then sign in for free. You could really lucky if the stars click!

Love Awake

This is another website that would let you find your match according to the locality you are in. It is quite easy to operate and open up to the matches you could like to scroll through.

To conclude, we’d also like to add EHarmony which lets you find Bangladeshi singles in the U.K. Redirect to the link and sign up to find the potential matches from your country. Online dating in Bangladesh is no more myth and you should sign onto these right away!

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    I agree to “Online dating has become increasingly popular all across the globe- whether developing country like Bangladesh or advanced country like America.” thanks for getting information about Online dating in Bangladesh.

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