Coxs Bazar


Often termed because the world’s longest beach to bangladesh Asian country, Cox’s Bazar has nonetheless to become a serious traveler destination in Asia.Cox’s Bazar District has a region of 2491.86 sq.  it’s placed at 21°35′ N 92°01′ E and is finite by metropolis District on the north, Bay of geographic area
in the south, Bandarban District on the east, and therefore the Bay of geographic area on the west. Major rivers embody Matamuhuri, Bakkhali, Reju Khal, Naf River, Maheshkhali channel and Kutubdia channel. the realm of the town of Coxs Bazar is vi.85 sq. klick
The city with a region of vi.85 sq. klick, and finite by Bakkhali watercourse on the north and East, Bay of geographic area within the West, and Jhilwanj Union within the south.

The main attraction of Coxs Bazar is that the world longest however least-crowded sandy beach that stretches from the mouth of the Bakkhali watercourse and going all the thanks to Teknaf. although unremarkably referred to as Coxs Bazar beach, however the beach stretches way on the far side the region selected as Coxs Bazar city. The setting for the beach with its silvery gold sand is tropical-forested hills. “Miles of golden sands, surfriding waves, rare univalve shells, lofty cliffs, pleasant food, tribes, colourful pagodas and Buddhist temples this can be not a literary description for Coxs Bazar beach, its Associate in Nursing illustration for the eager one who wish to imagine the beach. the sweetness of the beach can not be delineated  by writing as no appropriate word you\’ll be able to get to explain it.

The climate of Asian country incorporates a tropical monsoon-type, with a hot and rainy summer whereas a dry winter. usually excessive wetness, serious rain, warm temperature, and distinct seasonal differences area unit common here. January is that the coolest month with averaging around twenty six ° C . whereas Apr is that the warmest one with temperatures averaging from thirty three to thirty six ° C .The climate is one in all the wettest within the world. Most rains occur throughout the monsoon (June to September) and tiny in winter (November to February).The climate of Coxs Bazar is often kind of like the remainder of the country. However, it characterised by the situation within the coastal region. The annual average temperature in here remains at around highest thirty four.8 °C and lowest sixteen.1 °C. the typical quantity rain is at four,285mm.

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