Top 5 Five Star Hotels to Stay in Bangladesh (With Pictures)

Top 5 Five Star Hotels to Stay in Bangladesh   Pan Pacific Sonargaon: The Golden Luxury Class     Ruposhi Banga Hotel: The first and the very best Radisson Blu … Continue Reading →

Rich People Bangladesh

Dhaka City of Rich People Bangladesh

Dhaka, as we all know is the capital city of Bangladesh furthermore happens to be the biggest city too. it is a city that brags off a Rich People Bangladesh … Continue Reading →

The Rich in Bangladesh

Over 150,000,000 people live in Bangladesh. It’s one of the worlds most populated countries. Some of the most common jobs in the country include farming, working in transportation, and driving … Continue Reading →

Bangladesh Dhaka

Bangladesh Dhaka

Dhaka – the capital of BanglaDesh Dhaka is that the capital of People’s Republic of Bangladesh Dhaka set on the banks of the stream buriganga, town encompasses a population of … Continue Reading →

The Mega City

Dhaka is that the capital town of Asian nation and is taken into account a mega town of South Asia. town was referred to as Jahangir Nagar within the amount … Continue Reading →


Dacca or Dhaka, is the biggest city in the country. The city is known to be a brilliant, congested and flourishing city with a populace of 18 million. Acknowledging the … Continue Reading →