bangladeshBangladesh is found within the north-eastern a part of South Asia. The majestic range of mountains stand a long way to the north, whereas within the south lays the Bay of geographical region. there’s province approximate the west and within the east lie the craggy and wooded regions of Tripura, Mizoram (India) and Burma. These picturesque geographical boundaries frame an occasional lying plain of regarding one,47,570 sq. klick criss-crossed by multitudinous rivers and streams. Mighty rivers area unit the Padma (Ganges), the Brahmaputra (Jamuna) & the Meghna and therefore the Karnafuli.

Bangladesh offers several traveller attractions, together with anthropology sites, historical mosques and monuments, longest natural beach within the world, picturesque landscape, hill forests and life, rolling tea gardens and tribes. Tourists notice the wealthy flora and fauna and colourful social group life terribly attractive. every a part of the country offers clearly totally different topography, flavors and food. it’s home to the Royal geographical region Tigers, fresh pink dolphins, historical temples manufactured from red earth.

Some of the higher famed traveller attractions are: Srimangal, wherever miles of tea gardens area unit set, Mainamati, Mahasthangarh, Paharpur for anthropology, Rangamati, Kaptai and Cox’s Bazar for sight seeing, and therefore the Sundarbans for wild life and therefore the greatest angiospermous tree forest of the globe, and Foy’s Lake for scenic beauty. Holidays in bangladesh

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